The purpose of the Michigan City Video Fest (the MCVF) is to showcase the widest possible variety of independent films and videos, preferably those relating to Michigan City and surrounding area.

Every suitable genre, format and style, including animation, commercials and trailers, will be considered. Videos will be selected at the sole discretion of the MCVF Selection Committee. Video length and other considerations may be given so as to provide a suitable program of such videos.

'Showcase' means, but is not limited to, the presentation of the films in public spaces.

Selection priority is given in the following order:
1) To the best videos/films available/submitted.
2) To videos/films by Michigan City and surrounding area makers.
3) To videos/films about Michigan City and surrounding area.

5th Annual ~ 2019 RULES
The 2019 MCVF will feature short videos/films (about 10 minutes or less) by invitation or submission. Long form by invitation.
Dates to remember:
September 17 - All digital media and a complete application form shall be received by the MCVF committee. Submissions must be viewable online for consideration.
September 20
- Video/filmmakers will be notified of the selections.
October - Showcase. Dates, times and venues yet to be announced.

All films submitted must be on digital media. Digital formats include DVD and Bluray disks. Also acceptable are USB 'thumb drive', DVD-R and CD-R disks using either MEG2 or H264 or other standard compressions. Downloadable files will be accepted. 3D is not supported. Standard US DVD and Bluray audio formats will be acceptable. Surround sound may not be supported at showcases. The media will not be returned.

The maker will warrant that they have all the necessary public performance rights in the video/film they are submitting and give permission to the MCVF to present the video/film.

The MCVF makes no claim to copyright, but will be given the right to show any selected video/film at no cost the MCVF for a period of three years after the first showing of the video/film at the MCVF.

No compensation will be given for the showing of a video/film.

MCVF may use the title, makers' names, video excerpts, images, etc., from the video/film to promote the MCVF.