2017 MC Video Fest

2017 Video Program
2 PM, Saturday, August 12,
Michigan City Public Library
Preliminary List

Cellist Josh McLain at the Nest - Josh McLain
Resume 1A - Patrick Bannon
Master Aviator's Drone  - Patrick Bannon
Holdcraft Performing Arts Center - Lori Richardson
MCPL Summer Reading Program 2017 - Dave Fink
Guido's Make American Hot Dog Great Again Show in Roma - Mike Koss
Turing Love Affair Trailer - Natsha Kermani
Human Instict Teaser - Nikola Stojkovic
Showreal 2016 - Nikola Stojkovic
Poems about the Indiana Dunes - 3rd Graders of Pine School
Shifting Sands Added Feature - Dunes History
The Lost Marionettes of Ralph Kipness
Michigan City (is my home)  - Bruce Strelinsky
Look Into a Glass Union - James Parkey
Aladdin and his Magic Lamp - Sudden Productions
Unlikely Places - Marillyn Giedraitas

Plus ????